Alonweb vpn 新增服务器ing

刚收到Alonweb关于额外地域服务器的通知邮件,现新增了美国(佛罗里达)服务器,connection settings里选择,安装新配置的openvpn(卸载旧版)即可使用。

Hi folks,

Just wanted to inform you that we`ve launched a new US-based server. Besides now you can switch servers manually at out website, using the "Connection settings" page.

In order to use this feature, you should upgrade your Alonweb OpenVPN client to the latest version, which you can get here: http://static.alonweb.com/downloads/openvpn.exe. Don`t forget to uninstall the existing client before installing a new one.

Have fun!
Alonweb team.

P.S. More servers are to be added soon :).