TwitterBerry 0.9 released


//DL OS4.1 -4.7 /建议卸载掉旧版再安装。

OS 4.2.1+: Includes improved TwitPic support. Look for the 'Send to TwitterBerry' menu in the Media application when viewing images. TwitPic uploads are sent over direct TCP connections, see 'Connection Help' in the Settings page
OS 4.2.1+: TwitPic progress bar, to show the progress of the upload
/OS4.2.1+上,支持twitpic传图,含进度显示,浏览图片的菜单里有send to twitterberry项。

OS 4.3.0+: WiFi support for all connections
Improved network connectivity, adding support for WAP 2.0

Full tweets on the list screen. No need to click to open new tweets
Hyperlink "@username" in tweets to visit their timeline
Re-Tweet tweets from timelines or tweet views

Optional HTTPS SSL support on all authenticated requests
Background on close under 'Configure'
Multiple bug fixes
New localizations: Portuguese

update 0.9 Beta 5:跟踪更新的beta版,持续修复bug...